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The Hoop Ball Sacramento Kings Podcast

Nov 29, 2017

Joining the show today is Jason Ross, Sacramento Kings pre-game, halftime, and post-game radio show host. 

He and host Christian Villere get into Willie Cauley-Stein, and what the depth of the Kings front line means for the likelihood of him getting an extension come next October. They also hit on the impact Vince...

Nov 26, 2017

Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers make their way to Sacramento turning the Golden One Center into one big week long, "Beat LA" chant.

Bogdan turns the Lakers into a practice squad for alley-oop practice, while Buddy makes the Clippers perimeter defense seem like a practice session. Frank Mason shows signs of progress...

Nov 22, 2017

James Ham, NBC Sports Sacramento Kings Insider, joins the program along with Aaron Bruski, Editor-In-Chief of I served up one tantalizing, hot-button question, and these guys ran with it. 

After giving a little background into how they came together and how the relocation saga played into that, we got...

Nov 20, 2017

Willie Cauley-Stein is showing some new dimensions to his game as the Kings took on the Portland Trail Blazers twice this weekend. 

Sacramento Kings Beat Blogger for Hoop Ball, Jake Fitzgibbon joins host Christian Villere for a breakdown of the Kings fresh starting lineup, and new entrants into the rotation. They hit...

Nov 14, 2017

On this episode of the Hoop Ball Sacramento Kings Show, Christian Villere is joined by Sacramento Kings Beat Blogger Jon Schifferle to discuss Zach Randolph's place in the Kings playing time hierarchy as the season continues.

In addition they delve into the Kings recent moral-boosting crunch-time home victory against...